Cape Cod SUP Girl

​Fitness & Training

I am a mother, a wife, a working professional and a lover of fitness and water sports. A  local to Cape Cod, Massachusetts, I was born and raised in Sandwich and currently reside in Buzzards Bay.

My first experience with Stand Up Paddleboarding was seven years ago when we were on a family vacation in Florida. I had wanted to learn how to Stand Up Paddleboard and decided to take a lesson while there. However, the conditions were too rough to SUP, so the instructor suggested I try surfing and I was up for that.  Keep in mind, my Mom never wanted me to skateboard, so the whole balancing on a board on water thing was a stretch for me. Well my surfing skills needed some help but had a lot of fun trying and it awakened an unknown passion inside me.  So what do I do when I arrive home from Florida and being persistent on trying to SUP.  I did what any normal person would do, I went online and ordered my first SUP from a company in California named Smooth. 

When that board arrived, it was like Christmas day at my house. I could not get out on the water quick enough and as soon as I stood up on that board for the first time, I was hooked!  From there I found out about the Cape Cod Bay Challenge Sup-A-Thon in Wellfleet, Massachusetts and knew I had to try this event. It consisted of 8 laps of battling the surf to paddle out and back 800 yards and then running on the beach for 400 yards....8 times, no problem.  With the help of my friend Chrissie (who did the beach running for our team) I survived and finished the event.

Now the beast was awake and ready to do more racing.  The founders of Cape Cod Bay Challenge, Mike, Craig and Bob all encouraged me to consider the 36-mile paddle from Plymouth, Massachusetts to Wellfleet, Massachusetts, the Cape Cod Bay Challenge’s namesake event to raise money for Christopher's Haven. Always one to accept a challenge, I was in but there was only one problem, I needed a bigger board. 

So what do you do when you leave one Stand Up Paddle event and need to get ready for another? You purchase a new 12'6” Surftech Bark.  With a longer and narrower race board in my arsenal, my training began, or what I thought was required to train for this event.  Oh how sadly I was mistaken and quickly discovered  I had a lot to learn after I attempted that crossing.  The challenge got the best of me and I was picked up 3 times by the support boats but what was important is I finished it and learned that a Stand Up Paddle community had become my extended family.  

That winter I went through a health scare and had to have my thyroid removed. Health scare averted, I took some down time until I realized that I had come to a complete stop in my life. I hadn’t been exercising much and had not been getting out paddling as much as I wanted.  The following spring I signed up for a Spartan race thinking to myself “sure I can do that” and signed up again for the Cape Cod Bay Challenge.  I really had no business doing either because I was not in the best of shape and combined with trying to deal with living without a thyroid was like spitting in the wind. 

That following winter, my Facebook feed kept advertising something called CrossFit. I had no idea what this was but it seemed to appeal to me.  I finally got the nerve up to try it out, signed up for a one on one with the Coach/Owner of CrossFit Bourne, Ben Garlington and thought I was going to die.  Guess what?.... I didn't die! I wanted more and signed up for a membership and I am still doing CrossFit to date.  That following Spring I competed in another Spartan race, crushed my time from the previous year and started to sign up for Stand Up Paddle Racing Events.  The first one was the Cape Cod Bay Challenge Sup-A-Thon and this time I did it all by myself and finished it.  Then I started to sign up for any local race possible along with participating in more Spartan races.  My thyroid was gone but my passion to take on new challenges was renewed and since then I work out 5-6 times a week at CrossFit and Stand Up Paddle train 3-4 days week. 

Since then, my passion for Stand Up Paddle and fitness has skyrocketed. I have participated in Stand Up Paddle racing events from Cape Cod, North Shore, North Carolina, California, Puerto Rico including The Carolina Cup and The Pacific Paddle Games. I have also  started stepping out of my comfort zone and going on adventures that took me to Hawaii and Puerto Rico to Stand Up Paddle and Stand Up Surf, to New Hampshire for Ice Climbing and Rock Climbing and Connecticut for a SUP and camping adventure.  I have taken steps to share my passion for Stand Up Paddling with others by becoming an Ambassador and Team Rider for MOCEAN of Cape Cod, Kialoa Paddles, Cobian Footwear.and Black Project Fins.   I am also Paddlefit certified and I am an ACA Level 1 & 2 certified Stand Up Paddle instructor.

These many adventures have allowed me to meet the most amazing and inspiring people and athletes.  My husband and son both love to Stand Up Paddle as well and have enjoyed participating in the racing events.  Our family has been extended to the many individuals we have met over the years and I now understand the true meaning of Ohana!
Cape Cod Aloha and hope to see you on the water!